No Worries, Mate!!

And so it is,
It's gonna be that smallest continent where a bulk of young Indonesians were sent to study and hopefully back for good. It's Aussie, mate!!!

It was kind of surprise. I was in Jakarta, escaped from all the hastiness of life. Ah no, my boyfriend was going for some interview for India scholarship. Intimidated by the rustic and cruel image of our capital city, he asked me to accompany him. Seeing the chance to escape a while from my mundane life, I agreed (he paid half for my travel cost, I have to say, not to make me sounds cheap :p).

After the interview, we went to meet his friend and his friend's friends, had some dinner which was amazingly expensive, thank God I didn't have to pay for it :p (again, not that I'm cheap, I just have had better). By that time, one of their friend whom I also knew, said that she had been accepted as an awardee for ADS -which she already knew from before the interview phase she wouldn't take it- For this matter, I think I will write other post.

Anyway, I was asked then. I was surprised since I thought that the result would be announced no earlier than March. Fraud, that was my first thought. But that was it, the result had been announced. I wasn't happy with the prospect to be an awardee of ADS. I didn't know why possibly because I was still fascinated by Europe particularly studying in Erasmus University, Netherlands or maybe I haven't prepared myself to re-separate again, for another long distance relationship. I was accepted, for good or for bad, at least for that time.

Somehow, as I recall my memories back before the announcement, I remembered what my heart felt when I watched the movie Australia. Even today, every time I watched the trailer, listen to the OST especially By The Boab Tree, my heart melt, and my body shiver. Yeah, Hugh Jackman plays the protagonist there and I have to admit his charm contribute largely to make me mesmerized.

When I first watched the movie, I felt drown to the dessert, savanna, the bush, and the boab tree. The boab tree particularly is one of the reminiscence from The Little Prince novel. I long to see the tree and touch it. Though I tried to deny it, another voice told me,"you'll be in Australia'. And it came to reality.

Now, I'm quite overwhelmed by all the preparations, and stuffed by the sentimental feeling of goodbye. Oh no, I'm starting to cry :(

But like Australian's popular saying, no worries, mate.. no worries...