The Road Less Travelled

They say take the road less travelled
but I walk the road you've walked
and I feel no regret...
I feel no regret...

I wowed my self with big Ben and Yo
let the memories froze in Prambanan

Never been I so mystified
but the ruin Taman Sari and big smiled Dey
gave me precious pictures

I sang my heart out
when I rehearsed the grieving tune of Bach
Oh I remembered the smiles and the frowns there in Kota Baru
and I cried out

I learned life can be so mean
from yellow walled tiny room in Tri Edhi
and friends, they might not always be true

But I healed as my life went on
I found my rhythm
singing along with Billy and Joe
walking our step down every corner's of UGM

and friends, I met some more
dancing like we knew it
leaving traces in Depok Beach, Kaliurang,
and I left dreams in their li'l comfy room

I glanced the beauty of art with Sondy
through the jungle of Beringharjo
I embraced the carefree of life with Vera and Nova
jumped from one simple pleasure to another in that small Gallery
Silly things I did with pimpled Lina
eyed all our crush on the pavement faded away
and episodes of prozac matters with sweet Vini

Along the road Godean, I squeezed my self
with calm Deta and funny Nael
somehow I'm always able to recall the moment

I was full of wonder
I danced so slowly
love's not for me for now, I thought then

Somehow, the red rose found a place
it was around 6 o'clock pm and dark
somewhere around Sosio Yustisia blocks
with his helmet put on,
I believed cupid live in Jogja

From the series of Rp. 10.000 movie in Mataram
to one simple sneaky kiss behind painted canvas of an exhibition in Societet
From melancholy feeling of Angkringan Sendowo
to grandiosity of Ambarukmo
From good food exploration
to rally of Daendels street of Kulon Progo
From lovely white sand beaches of Gunung Kidul
to mountains of Sleman

270506 05.55 5.9 6234
The moment I was woken up by the rumble earth
and for the fragile of human, I cried and grieved

To Sketsa Sagan fam,
they'll have my biggest grin
for teaching me to chill out life a bit
and knitting around with Poyeng

then I found new home
next to dearest Inong, Tati, and now Uli, Ribka, and Rina
with heart open, I learned new lessons in Karang Wuni
from understanding a hard life of Ardel
to tricks to live with over-audible neighbors

Some lessons I took
from the streets in those days under your dim lightbulb
Tugu, Jetis, Mirota
ah...little children on the street
craving for Aibon and food

And that old old malioboro
which often I wandered alone
rejuvenate the ups and the downs
the empty and the full
the high and the low
the loves and the hates
I have for the city I dwell in

and those benches in Vrederburg
will always be my refuge
my rendezvous with the soul of the city kept in my heart

Happy Birthday Jogja