The Riddle

Few days ago, I watched a movie, The Resurrecting of The Champ. Surpirisingly the movie was great. I didn't expect though Samuel L. Jackson plays on it. Bandit recommended it, so... it was a recommendation from person who watched LOTR 5 years afterwards.

But anyway, it moved me indeed. I'm starting to ask again the ultimate question. What's life after all? How do you want to spent you time on earth?

In that story, Josh Hartnett plays a mediocre sport journalist, Erci Keernan, who is shadowed by his father, a legendary radio journalist. Both, they specialized in covering boxing. Intimidated by his father leaving him and his mother alone, he grew up into a man obsessed to be an idealistic father. A hero in his son's eyes, Teddy.

It wasn't easy. He never got a shot until one day he met a bum who claimed to be a legendary boxer, Battlin' Bob Satterfield otherwise known as Champ. Eric befriended with him and wrote Bob's story

But just like Bob's saying, you'll never know when the next punch come, Eric's triumph ended too soon. Just days after his greatet achievement published, Eric found out that the guy he wrote about was a liar. Champ wasn't whom he said he was. He was Tommy Kincaid, nobody's boxer who had been impersonating Bob for years. Bob himself died 20 years before.

Eric's sky fell apart. He failed to be a hero for Teddy. He was a mere boaster. He built a big empty castle to gain Teddy's admiration and the story of Champ was his biggest lie.

To regain his integration and Teddy's trust, he wrote an apology, putting back the pieces of puzzle to where they supposed to be. It was hard but no other way.

So, again, what's life? We set up goals and put our best for those goals. Is life just a bulk of achievements you made during your life? Just like a where you run and jump over lots of poles or barriers and end up just exactly where you begin. It's feel like eating a piece of a cake time to time without ever knowing, ever seeing the whole cake, or even ever realizing why you eat the cake?

I always consider life as a journey. Now, I'm picturing nobody but myself at the edge of my path, the end of my travelling. Will I be satisfied? What kinds of regrets will I have? Will I ever know what on earth do my journey worth travelling for?

Well, in the end it's the only riddle that's matter. That no one knows till one finish the line. The riddle of life


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